Spare parts programme

Our spare parts programme can contribute to the performance of your system. After all, to ensure the availability and proper performance of your machines, it is essential to use original quality parts and components from Ottevanger Services. Timely replacement of wearing parts minimises downtime and production loss.

If you want certainty about the fast delivery of parts and increased flexibility, it is possible to arrange for your private stock. We jointly agree on the ideal stock by means of a spare parts contract. Together, we determine how this stock is built up in terms of the different parts. We ensure the timely replenishment of this stock. You always have access to this stock and do not depend on additional delivery time(s).

Advantages of the spare parts programme:

  • Limit downtime through the availability of stock parts on site
  • No additional delivery times for certain parts
  • Always a replenished and current stock (we manage the stock for you)
  • Advice from our specialists about your ideal ‘safety stock’ for maintenance


Since we take over the management of your spare parts stock, you no longer have to worry about this. We ensure that the correct parts are in stock with you, so your stock is replenished and current at all times.
Less downtime
When you always have the right spare parts in stock, it will take less time to organise a replacement when necessary. As a result, your system experiences less downtime and any production interruptions are reduced.
Advice from a specialist
With our spare parts programme, you also receive advice from our specialists about your ideal stock. This allows you to make a reliable estimate of what is needed and what not. This is how we compile the best possible stock together.


What does our spare part programme look like in practice? Here, you will find several practical examples of customers who opted for the spare parts programme by Ottevanger Services.

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