Replacing a worn machine (part) is not always needed. In many cases, an overhaul or service update offers a solution. After a thorough inspection, we can assess the options for extending the life of a machine. This allows the machine to be used longer in the production process.

Benefits of Overhaul

  • Increasing the life of a machine
  • Limited investment compared to the purchase of a new machine (ROI)
  • Increasing productivity and quality by updating the machine
  • Extending the machine‚Äôs life cycle, without compromising on quality

Want to know about the possibilities for your machine? Our service department will be pleased to advise you.

How we go about an overhaul

Inspection by a service specialist
As soon as your machine (part) shows significant wear, it may be interesting to consult our specialists to establish your options for an overhaul. Depending on the situation, we can make this assessment both on site and remotely.
No-obligation quote for overhaul
You will receive a no-obligation quote based on this assessment. This gives you immediate insight into the costs of the overhaul. That way, you always know where you stand.
The agreed overhaul is always conducted in close consultation with you, always taking your production and scheduled downtime into account.

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